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WCO numbers Status overview from 01/07/22

The status overview contains the following countries:

USA: As we have already informed you, the new commodity numbers for US customs tariffs will come into effect on January 27, 2022.

However, the US authorities have not yet been able to provide us with a date on which the new numbers will be technically available as data.

PST.AG has therefore decided to manually integrate the changes published in a PDF on 28.12.2021 into the US data beforehand, so that we can provide this data by the week after next. In this interim release we will also provide the reclassification data. In this way, we want to give you the opportunity to retariff in advance in GTS with the new numbers.

However, this release is only an interim release and may not be complete, as it is based on the official publication in PDF format. Thus, units of measure may be incomplete.

As soon as the final data is available from the US authorities, we will roll out a final release, with the complete data including the official units of measurement.


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