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PST.AG provides consolidated data of companies listed under regulations from numerous authorities worldwide. These data follow a global standard, and is consistent with software vendors such as SAP. 

PST.AG supports and advises SAP users in planning and implementing the PST.AG data into SAP systems. 
As the official data provider for SAP GTS, the data are also provided in the SAP XML format.


A newly-available service of PST.AG, the Enterprise Data Center, allows clients to centrally reflect the most relevant data. Using the fully-automated Data Loader module, the new data from PST.AG can be easily homogenized with the data in SAP GTS. This replacement of manual uploads in SAP GTS ensures that the business processes are executed on a consistent basis.

Our customer base of local and global companies take full advantage of our integrated approach with SAP GTS, and our deep knowledge of customs and finance for their successful business projects.

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