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Discrete Information about Sanctioned Entities

Brand new feature to disclose the related sanctions

We have added a new feature to our sanctions data with information on circumvention and testing of legal regulations. Such circumvention of sanctions has increased in recent times and is affecting international trade significantly. So, the information will be very handy in disclosing how a person or an entity may be sanctioned because of their indirect connections to sanctioned person on the entity.


The new list, available under “Circumvention of Sanctions” in our database, will provide extra fields with the name of institutions, companies, their sanction violations, connections, etc.


There have been some recent cases where circumvention has been identified, and major companies have been punished for indirect sanction violations. So, for example, we already have data on the individuals and companies sanctioned due to ZTE’s settlement of OFAC, and North Korea’s circumvention of SWIFT regulations. More on these kinds of cases will be covered on our news blog with the category Circumvention of Sanctions. For more information, click on the link below:



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