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These techniques convert the enormous structured or unstructured data to a well-structured database that meets the requirement of customers. In addition, different tiers of computational processes are used to extract useful patterns from large PST.AG has infrastructure and software to ensure that its data is updated to the latest version.

PST.AG implements several data mining techniques to automate and speed-up the acquirement of the latest data from all the trusted data sources.
The data provided by PST.AG needs to change in near real-time with continuously changing political and economic situations.


As these Java-based data mining techniques are developed and maintained within PST.AG, the data provided to customers have been through several layers of quality checks. Therefore, several companies trust PST.AG to provide high-quality, error-free data feeds data while making their critical business decisions. 

Compliance and Customs Data Mining

PST.AG employs Five-Pronged Approach (FPA) to providing data: extract, develop, maintain, update, and distribute with CRM (Customer Relationship Management). PST.AG's system software and management tools retrieve the most updated data from various sources and automatically manage hundreds of legal publication resources every day. 

Integrating the technological and managerial ideas, PST.AG has, hence, successfully provided a full-fledged up-to-date data to every customer.  With the services that go beyond the initial data, we have achieved great support and "convivial bond" from/with customers. 

The data provided by PST.AGare used in business critical processes by employing Data Mining by Integration, Mining, Normalizing and Extracting following the process of  ETL (Extract, Transform and load).



Combine different data sources into centralized data stores

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