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SPL Inventory Updates

We publish the number of modifications provided by us in a daily basis.

Oct 12, 2017

Two new list of Singapore has been added

Abbreviations are SG EA and SG IA

These two lists of Singapore are under the same authority - Monetary Authority of Singapore and is named as Enforcement Actions for EA and Investor Alert IA, respectively.

Oct 12, 2017

New List for US

Abbreviation is US CBPFL

This new list is regarding Forced Labor with US's Customs and Border Protection. And now, this list is ready to be delivered.

Jun 11, 2017

Four Arab Countries's List has been included

Abbreviation is BH TER, EG TER, SA TER, and UAE TER

Implementing the Terrorist (TER) List of Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the lists are being prepared. 

Jun 11, 2017

New List for Singapore

Abbreviation is SG DIE

The new Singapore list combination of SG TSF and UN's Consolidated list.

May 02, 2017

Two New List for Mexico has been added

Abbreviation is MX LPB

We are still in the process of adding and updating the data for MX LPB as this list is non-public.

PST.AG can still provide the data if customers have the license from the financial institution.

Apr 18, 2017

Updates on UK's List

Abbreviation is UK IBL

UK IBL list has expired. PST.AG still has the data and we can provide it to the customers if needed.

See the link for further information:

Feb 09, 2017

Updates on Australia's List

Abbreviation is AUFSA

AURBA is integrated to AUFSA. 

See the link for further information:


Jan 04, 2017

Australia's new list has been added

Abbreviation is AU FTO

AU FTO is in the authority of Australian National Security

Dec 18, 2016

UK's new list has been added

The abbreviation is UK PTO

This Proscribed Terrorist Organizations (PTO) list is under the authority of UK Home Office

Dec 11, 2016

US new list has been added

Abbreviation is NYOGS

It is the Investment Ban under the authority of Executive Order 157

Dec 08, 2016

US three lists for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been added

Abbreviations are FDA FI, FDA DP, FDA CI

FDAFI - FDA debarment list for Food Importation.

FDADP - FDA debarment list for Drug Product applications.

FDACI - FDA Disqualified / Totally Restricted List for Clinical Investigators


Dec 08, 2016

Turkey is added with two new list

Abbreviations are TR AR6 & TR AR5

TRAR6 - National Prevention of the Financing of Terrorism.

TRAR5 - Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions

Dec 08, 2016

Russia's New List has been added

Abbreviation is RU AT

The list of individuals involved in terrorist activities under the authority Federal Service for Technical and Export Control

Dec 08, 2016

Norway as a New Entitiy has been added

Abbreviation is NO SAC

It is the Sanctions Act Consolidated List under Government Administration Services

Dec 07, 2016

Korea's two list has been added

Abbreviations are KR FST and KR ASL

KR FST - Financial Sanctions Targets

KR ASL - Anticorruption Sanctions List

Dec 06, 2016

Japan's New List has been added

Abbreviation is PCO

The authority is Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) or Proliferation concerns

Dec 05, 2016

Hong Kong's New List has been added

Add Date here

It is the Monetary Authority for Fraudulent Websites

Nov 30, 2016

Ireland is Added with New List

Abbreviation is IE CBL

Ireland Country list is added to our SPL since September

Nov 30, 2016

Inter-American Development Bank Sanction Entity Added

Abbreviation IADB

Authority holder is Inter-American Development Bank

Nov 30, 2016

Canada's New List has been Added

Abbreviation for CA PMW

The authority holder is for Royal Canadian Mounted Police Most Wanted

Nov 23, 2016

US new list has been added

Abbreviations is US DEA

 DEA Fugitives is within Drug Enforcement Administration

Nov 15, 2016

US new list has been added

Abbreviation is US ATF

ATF Most Wanted falls under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


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