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provides several data needed for financial matters


Exchange Rates

PST.AG provides a comprehensive data of financial rates that define the cost of business at national and international level. The data includes the following.


International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade association for the world's airlines that manages 83% of the world traffic. PST.AG associates its customers with up-to-date custom rates from IATA to correctly estimate the freight costs of import/export. 

Bank Rate

PST.AG provides Bank Rates from all national Central Bank that is used for international financial transactions.

Customs Exchange Rates

PST. AG provides Customs Exchange rate to calculate customs value (charge) in a proper way. The rates are updated frequently to reflect changes from custom offices. 

Cross Rates

PST.AG provides cross rates to optimally reckon official exchange rates.


The SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a project aimed at standardizing EURO payments area that treats national and cross-border payments. The SEPA project has unified and standardized procedures for transfers, direct debits and card payments.

The Enterprise Data Center of PST.AG includes data of financial institutions from countries participating in the SEPA.  The data contains the master data for financial institutions including addresses, BIC and SWIFT code. In addition, it also includes data of financial institutions outside the SEPA project as,

  • US Bank routing number

  • Federal Reserve routing number

Insolvency Data

PST.AG processes the decking of the relevant national authorities, which can easily be imported into early warning systems for insolvency. Such data ensures a regular check for status of a company, and allows extra time in case of urgent situation.


The Enterprise Data Center of PST.AG includes insolvency data in the following categories.

  • DE personal bankruptcies

  • DE corporate insolvencies

  • CH personal bankruptcies

  • CH corporate insolvencies

  • UK personal bankruptcies

  • UK corporate insolvencies

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