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PST.AG provides the most updated Sanctions Compliance List desired by the customers. We are always oriented towards the goal of our customers, and maintain a very high emphasis on providing the best and the most up-to-date Compliance lists. Customers’ preference is our main criteria. And, over the years we have ensured a very high satisfaction among our previous and current customers ranging from regional to global companies.

Sanctions Party List

PST.AG guarantees an optimum screening solution and compliances for companies worldwide with our customized sanction lists.

Data Feeds

PST.AG has a large database encompassing more than 80 designators from different countries. These data are customized to meet the customers' requirement. Our data has been used by companies worldwide for their compliance solutions. 

  • Our data services have successfully protected companies of all sizes for years. 

  • Databases are always up-to-date on daily basis:

    • Accurate data is provided with legal regulations and official publications.

    • Automated integration with the government interface ensures high-quality and secure data transfer.

    • In addition, our international team of workforce follows hundreds of official publications all over the world and recognizes upcoming changes at an early stage.


Customized High-Quality Data 

  • Data of the highest quality enable our customers to comply with regulations worldwide. Exceeding time data transfer by direct connection of customer-driven systems to the data feeds of PST.AG convince by top current databases on customer systems.

  • All data is collected and processed completely by PST.AG maintaining highest quality standards.

  • Our established data services have been used for years in sensitive areas (military, nuclear technology) and also, by authorities themselves.

  • Customized data compilation and processing reduce the integration effort and increase in accuracy of hits significantly.

 Compliance Data Accuracy

PST.AG adopts a four-pronged approach to meet each customer’s requirement for compliance solution: Extract, Develop, Maintain, Update and Distribute. The data are customized, aim-oriented, and very high in quality. For high-quality assurance, several aspects of uncertainties are considered, such as autocorrection by software, incorrect abbreviation and so on. Even after the data has been delivered initially, PST.AG assimilates (and provides) new information soon after they are updated in the source. 



  • Some years of experience to maintain compliance data

  • Special quality checks logic implemented to make sure databases is in line with legal regulations

  • Professional team to maintain data and follow legal regulation changes


For compliance solutions, PST.AG provides screening software for easy categorization and interpretation of the Sanctions Entities. The six categories used are:


  • Sanctions Check

  • Red Flag Screening

  • Fraud Protection

  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

  • Crime Evaluation

  • Crime & Sanctions Screening

In special cases, PST.AG also provides non-public information (if all legal prerequisites are met) to help companies with compliance.


Assurance from PST.AG

  • PST.AG is able to follow legal regulation changes automatically (sensor technologies development is done by PST.AG).

  • High automation to deliver data within a short period of time.

  • By means of special processing procedures and our access to additional authorities databases, we can submit sanction data with additional characteristics which can not be inferred from the actual sanctions rules. In this way, we achieve even higher hit accuracy and considerably reduce the effort involved in the analysis of sanctioned business partners.

Sanctions-Related Data Services

  • Our “core” sanctions data includes information on companies and individuals at a risk of bankruptcy.

  •  In addition, our data supports an analysis on the connections between companies and individuals with criminal records and checks if there are professional and employment bans in place.

  • We also provide transliteration and translation services for our SPL content in 23 different languages i.e., Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, etc. to make business possible all around the world

Sanctions related database

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