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Enterprise Data Integration Suite (EDIS)

The Enterprise Data Integration Suite is a technology of loading data automatically which enables a full bi-directional data exchange of the company's internal applications with the Enterprise Data Center of PST.AG keeping all the data up to date for the companies worldwide. With EDIS data implementation can be proceeded in two ways:

  1. Push data to all Development, Quality, and Production, or

  2. Putting one EDIS on Development and Quality side and another EDIS on the Production side.​


Installation of EDIS can take from 1 day to 7 days max. depending upon your system.

The Enterprise Data Integration Suite enables the transfer of data from the enterprise data center directly to the company's internal applications.  ​

  • Many applications can be linked from worldwide locations.

  • The modular design enables customized to the business needs delivery of Enterprise Data Integration Suite.

  • Each module can be connected separately to n-enterprise applications.

  • For each module, an individual timing will be set up for data update.

  • The data is automatically recorded and manual intervention is not usually required.


Companies and organizations, these days, operate in a dynamic environment. Especially globally operating enterprises are confronted with frequent actualisation of rules and regulations. You and your team should realize the benefits of the Enterprise Data Center to run your course of business more effectively and secure.

EDIS Presentation


By using the Enterprise Data Integration Suite eliminates the manual updating data in the applications, which

  • leads to the reduction of operating costs,

  • to improve data timeliness in business leads,

  • leads to increase data quality.

  • Enterprise Data Integration Suite supports the SAP RFC - interfaces for both SAP ERP and SAP GTS.

IT security

The concept of Enterprise Data Integration Suite that allows the company's internal applications do not require access to the WAN and vice versa must not be accessible from the non-corporate networks. This contributes considerably to ensure the company's internal IT structures and data.



Price information and advice

Please contact the knowledgeable staff of PST.AG on the possibilities of setting up and connecting your system to Enterprise Data Integration Suite and connect your system.

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