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Advanced visualization of data structures for decision processes

One consequence of digitization is the collection and storage of increasingly large volumes of data. Connecting them leads to complex data structures. Algorithms are used to analyze these. The results are then presented graphically to the user. However, as the data becomes more and more interlinked, it becomes increasingly difficult for a human to understand the relationships and to make the correct conclusions. Another challenge is to present the data in such a way that it is adequately interpreted by online search engines and displayed as a search result.

The Free State of Thuringia is funding a PST.AG project on advanced visualization of data structures for decision-making processes.

Project Objectives:

1. Analysis of concepts for the visualization of large amounts of data. In particular of linked data.

2. Analysis of the tools available on the market and examination of whether they are stable and mature enough to be used in software products.

3. Development of a decision matrix, with the help of which visualization concepts and solutions are selected according to the intended use.

4. Implementation of a prototype for the visualization of complex enterprise structures and connections. Also with test of indexing and ranking by search engines.

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