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“Powering Global Business”

A One-stop Provider for Customer-oriented Global Business Solution

PST.AG is a Germany-based company that specializes in providing custom-built worldwide data and software for Global Business Solution. In order to support a wide range of business companies, PST.AG provides data encompassing compliance with various authorities to financial and custom regulations. These data and software solutions follow international standards and are compatible with software and worldwide data. Hence, we specialize in providing custom-built third party software products like SAP and Oracle.


In addition, PST.AG has developed a suite of software to cross-check and maintain the quality of data at the highest level. To ensure the satisfaction of customers, and strongly follows a Five-Pronged Approach (FPA): Extract, Develop, Maintain, Update, and Distribute the data. With a wide and deep experience of working with several medium-to-large regional and international companies, PST.AG is a unique one-stop provider of the global business & trade solutions. 


100%  Customer - Oriented Services
High-Quality Awareness
Clear and Affordable Cost Structure
All Customs and Compliance Data Worldwide
Extensive Experience with Demanding Customers
Market Leader in the Field of Compliance

Contact Information

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Hegelstrasse 3

Weimar, Germany 99423

Direct contact for general inquiries:

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