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PST.AG has new list for Sanction and DPRK's bank blacklisted by UN

As sanction circumvention and testing have increased in recent times, PST.AG has created a new section of sanction lists.

This new section, called the "Circumvention of Sanctions", includes data of the involvement of companies and persons in violating existing sanctions. The data of such violators are available under the “Circumvention of Sanctions” in our sanctions database.

The first news for "Circumvention of Sanctions" is for North Korea:

The new UN Panel of Experts report for North Korea is now officially available for 2017.

Please see the following link for more details:

UN reported three North Korean banks

1. Bank of East Land,

2. Korea Daesong Bank, and

3. Korea Kwangson Banking Corporation

They have violated the protocols from Brussels-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) banking network. Thus, the SWIFT has suspended any transactions with these banks.

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