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Risk and Compliance (RaC)

RAC is a modern web application, tailored specifically for searching and visualizing business entities and their validity. The conventional of table display is now supported by multiple types of graph, encompassing the overview of the data, keeping aligned with the flow of data and speeding up the analyzing process.

Characteristics of RaC

  • Detailed information about the entities and how they are related. The relationships are obtained using several data products:
    - Circumvention of sanctions,
    - OFAC 50%,
    - Company Register, etc.

  • The relational analysis is considered so that our data is sufficient to identify both direct and indirect sanctions.

  • Data in the standardized format for all standard industry testing programs. 

  • Updates for sanction lists are done every hour.

  • Reliability through much re-examination of the data and reinsurance with the regulatory texts.

  • Easy and secure access with any browser with unique credentials.

    • Now, we are only creating personalized account because of the security needed for prominent and sensible information of the entities and their subsidiaries. 

    • In addition, we are providing both the original and web-archived versions of the legal regulations. The information in web-archive has to be accessed with PST.AG server, hence, we need to create a unique ID (email address) for each user to access all the data in  RaC application.

PST.AG's Channel

PST.AG's Channel

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