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US extends Title III suspension of the LIBERTAD Act, with notable exceptions

On 4 March 2019 the U.S. Secretary of State announced an additional 30-day suspension of Title III of the 1996 Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act (also known as the Helms-Burton Act). This suspension now extends through 17 April 2019. However, beginning on 19 March 2019, this Title III suspension does not apply to Cuban entities or sub-entities identified on the State Department’s List of Restricted Entities and Sub-entities Associated with Cuba (“Cuba Restricted List”). Therefore, as of 19 March 2019, U.S. nationals are allowed to bring legal action against Cuban entities and sub-entities on the Cuba Restricted List.

Entities on the Cuba Restricted List are available to our customers via PST.AG's data feed notification.

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