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Individuals and Entities of Russia and Ukraine are added in OFAC's List

Today, the Department of Treasury's OFAC has added 38 individuals and entities to their SDN list.

  • 21 individuals and entities are added due to the violations of sovereignty and territorial of Ukraine pursuant to the EO.13660.

  • 11 other individuals and entities are added specifically for violations in the Crimea region of Ukraine designated to E.O. 13685. and E.O. 13685.

  • And the remaining six of Russian Federation designated to E.O.13661.

From September 12, 2014, OFAC, under Revised Guidance on Entities Owned by Persons Whose Property and Interests in Property Are Blocked, has identified subsidiaries owned 50 percent or more by Russian State-owned oil transport company, Transneft. These subsidiaries are subjected to the Sectoral Sanctions Identification (SSI) List on pursuant to E.O. 13662.

Today, 20 subsidiaries of Transneft has been added to SSI list.

For more information, read the PRESS RELEASE from Treasury. To see the identifying information, click here.

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