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Multifarious Sanctions Imposed by US Government

The US government has implemented new sanctions against 30 foreign companies from 10 different countries. Nineteen of the companies, which are from or related to Iran, North Korea, and Syria, have been sanctioned as per Non-proliferation Act (INKSNA).

In addition, 11 entities from China, North Korea or the United Arab Emirates were sanctioned for transfer of technology. The sanctioned entities are:

  • Beijing Zhong Ke Electric Co. Ltd. (ZKEC) (China)

  • Dalian Zenghua Maoyi Youxian Gongsi (China)

  • Jack Qin (Chinese individual)

  • Jack Wang (Chinese individual)

  • Karl Lee [aka Li Fangwei] (Chinese individual)

  • Ningbo New Century Import and Export Company Limited (China)

  • Shenzhen Yataida High-Tech Company Ltd (China)

  • Sinotech (Dalian) Carbon and Graphite Corporation (SCGC) (China)

  • Sky Rise Technology [aka Reekay Technology Limited] (China)

  • Saeng Pil Trading Corporation (SPTC) (North Korea)

  • Mabrooka Trading (United Arab Emirates).

For more information, see the link below:

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