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Data Manager (One Position)


PST.AG is a private company and is a provider of global business data and information about global business processes. With continuous cooperation with legal authorities from around the world, PST.AG is considered as one of the best providers of customs/global trade data.

As we rely on legal regulation and publications from numerous authority holders, we require someone who is responsible for keeping our workflow in an agreement with aforementioned documents. The person should be able to follow and understand legal regulations and be precise in conveying the requirements to our data preparation team. As many of the legal regulations are from international authorities, a higher preference is given to candidates with excellent reading and writing English skills.



  • Detail oriented; verging on perfectionism

  • Able to convey the attitude and opinion of your team

  • Take full responsibility for the activity happening on your account

  • Display professionalism in all interactions 

  • Able to prioritize and multi-task according to the tasks required by the company 


Strategic Thinking

  • Understand the strengths of source of pieces of information and use this information to contribute to the accomplishment of the customer goals

  • Coherent delivering point – of – views (POVs)



  • Contribute innovative ideas, be thinking about new process

  • Consider ways to analyze which are consistent with the creative strategy



  • Be ready and willing to share your ideas and knowledge with employees



  • PC User Skills

  • Unix/Linux OS

  • Experience in Global Trade and Compliance data

  • Must be proficient in English speaking and writing skills

  • Manage the publications from the authority and legal regulations

  • Computer Engineering or other IT-based fields of study



  • Curriculum vitae, copies of all relevant diplomas (school, vocational education, and / or university diplomas, proof of professional activities, practical training, and additional qualifications.



If you are responsible and passionate about documentation of the legal authorities required by Global Trade Solutions and skills & experiences in the tools that PST.AG uses or needs , or if you have inquiries about open positions for Job openings then contact us with your credentials.

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Data Manager (One Position)

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Direct Contact: Mr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Email:

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